Pizza POS Systems for 2017

Pizza POS System Features

Pizza POS Systems need lots of features. Like a computer, it needs lots of options as we have lots of options available to us. The POS system is very important to the restaurant that sells pizza. Let’s look at the POS system and what it can do.

Pizza POS systems contain several features. First, you have to choose the type of crust and the size of pizza. There can be three or more different sizes that need to be on there; usually, it’s small, medium and large. Sometimes there is extra large as well.

Then, you need to choose the toppings on the pizza. Cheese, onions, mushrooms are all choices on a pizza. There are also some other things people put on a pizza. Olives, pepperoni, sausage and others. Sometimes, you need to put extra toppings like extra cheese and onions and you need a button on the system for that.

You also need a system for the total of the order. The system needs to add up all the things that are being ordered and a price for it. This can be a set price, and if the customer uses a coupon, then the system needs a button for coupons or promotions. However they want to offer discounts is pretty much their business. Some restaurants offer a coupon code or no you can even scan coupons from your smart phone, which is very convenient for the customer.

The method of payment is very important. Some people use cash, check or credit. Most often though, it is cash or credit card. Not many people use cash, but some do and carry it in their purses or wallets. Most use credit cards because they are easy and are accepted almost anywhere even around the world. However, since pizza is readily available here in the United States, you don’t have to worry about anything like that.

There is also an issue of the POS system working properly. Generally, people dislike when machines act up and do not do what they want them to do. This does not happen very often as ninety percent of the time, they do what they need to do. This can range from user error, to no electricity or just taking its time to do what it needs to do. This can be very frustrating to the cashier as well as the customer. These days though, frustration is common, so people do understand.

When the systems do work, however, it is a good thing so cashiers and businesses can run smoothly. A pizza place can get very busy within a short amount of time. Take the Basketball or Football seasons, for instance. Many people want pizza or other offerings like desserts from a pizza place. Sometimes the pizza places can make more than one hundred pizzas an hour. That’s a lot of hungry people! So systems are very important that they function when they are needed. A lot of very hungry people would be very angry without their food!

Point of Sale Systems and How important they are to the business

The description of a point of sales system for a pizzeria, what it is, how it works and how important it is that they work correctly.